The Wizard of Oz as Allegory of Psychopathic Seduction by Linda

The Wizard of Oz can be seen as an allegory of psychopathic seduction. The Scarecrow is already intelligent; he is the one among the group who figures out how to get out of bad situations. He’s awarded a brain by the Wizard, but that’s only an external symbol for what he already possesses. The idea here is that one has happiness and only needs to realize it, revealed through experience and the reservoir of self-sufficiency.

Is it childish to compare my personal encounter with a psychopath to a fairytale? Perhaps on some level it is, but in reality that’s what the psychopathic bond  is: a fairytale, an illusion. I find it beneficial for the most part to remember the psychopath for what he was: a fictional character who took me on a mysterious journey to nowhere.  In retrospect, it’s an even a bigger mystery to me how I could have possibly believed that a person who lacked all the qualities that make us human–a heart, empathy, the capacity to love, a conscience or moral compass–could help me find what I was missing in my life.

How can anyone who is so empty and deficient offer anything positive to anyone else? As the psychopathic fiction unfolds and the fairytale turns into a nightmare, we all realize that they can’t. Perhaps it took seeing the psychopath’s lack of humanity to make me more aware of my own humanity and of the qualities that I now value most in others.

In their quest to find “The Great Oz,” the characters of this allegory did not understand that they had found all the answers in their struggles and journey. They needed something “symbolic”; something that would give them “closure”. I would love to have something symbolic to represent what I have discovered on this dark journey: a medal, a diploma, or a degree. But what I took away from this negative experience was far more valuable than any symbol: a deeper understanding of who I am that no outside force can ever take away from me.

Evil was always the external force I had to battle on my journey with the psychopath. In the end, the best of me prevailed over the psychopath’s toxic influence. Now, there’s no turning back. Having contact with this evil force would be like going back into those woods: the talking evil trees who didn’t want to share their apples, the wicked witch that knew your weaknesses; if you were made of straw you would be burned to death. Why would I ever go back to a place of darkness and evil? Unlike Dorothy, I never had the ruby slippers to protect me. However, I had something greater on my side that took me home: I had courage, brains and the capacity to love. These human qualities were within me all along. Without them I could have never escaped the psychopath and made it on my own.

This is the way I want to remember the psychopath: through the allegorical journey of The Wizard of Oz.  My relationship with him was nothing more than a fantasy or fairytale. In turn, he was nothing more than a character that represented evil forces to test my own character and strength.  He was never “real” with me and he will never be “real” to anybody else. But you don’t have to take my word for it. You can always choose to stay in the dark woods or step out into the light and see the psychopath for what he truly is.


  1. Linda, Superb article! I love the comparison to a fairytale. Perfect allegory. Yes, a fictional character indeed! I agree that it can take seeing the lack of humanity and empathy to remind of us of our own and how lucky we are to be human and have the full and complete human experience with all it’s deepness, richness and complexity. For the psychopath it is just so limited and narrow and shallow. If anyone reading this is suffering at the moment from longing for their fairytale to come back, for the prince/princess they thought they had, or being jealous of their current prey, or envious that it seems the evil one gets everything they want and the victim is left empty and broken, think back to this idea. The evil fictional character that you may be thinking got everything, and is happily moving on with another love, they are anything but happy. They are shallow, miserable, empty vessels, rounded in flesh. We are deeply feeling, loving, compassionate, rich characters living in the real world able to fully experience, feel, grasp, touch and taste all of life’s wonder. We embrace goodness and feel all the pain that makes us human. We experience life. We are the lucky ones.

  2. Linda, great post, I think its good that you found a way of getting closure and the wizard of Oz is a good emample. I did a post last year on my ex about the magical qualities they appear to have called Psychopaths as Dark evil magicians and yet once the magic wears off we realise there is nothing much left except an empty shell. Psychopaths might have brains although they certainly don’t have hearts. I think to some degree we are all intrigued by elusive evil characters. We are half hoping there is a smidgen of good underneath them (Ie a heart and soul buried deep inside somewhere!). Yet when once we figure out who they really are the fascination wears off. My own closure came when I decided to do the psychopathic cartoon videos to educate others about psychopaths. I wanted to find a way of telling people about psychopaths that was funny and entertaining. I was so scared of him at one point and used an NLP technique whereby you reduce an abuser to the size of a cartoon sized character in your head. Since most psychopaths are not “real characters” it changes the dynamics when you Imagine an abuser shouting at you looking like mickey mouse, it doesn’t quite have the same impact LOL. The most popular on so far has been “Mr Invincible” Every time I watch it he doesn’t look so invincible anymore and its also made a few people laugh

  3. Lol! Very funny. Mr. Lover, Lover..:D

  4. Linda, thanks for this post. Sometimes allegories like this can teach us so much about real life.

    Sarah, congratulations on the success of Mr. Invincible. I liked it too. It’s also impressive that you can do computer animations. Claudia

  5. Linda!

    VERY good article!

    Sarah!!! I loved your video! It was fun to watch! You have the best sense of humor. I think incorporating humor about the psychopath also minimizes him/her. Very thought provoking article Linda. Kel

  6. Sarah: I like this comparison “that of a cartoon character” Personally if I were to pick a character it would be Woodie the Woodpecker, probably because of his obnoxious laugh and if you have ever watched the old woodie the woodpecker cartoons he is really quite disordered; always trying to cause trouble with others. I LOVE Mr. Invincible, with that robotic voice and no change in the tone of his voice as he describes what he is and how he “cares not” for others. Yes they were once very “magical” to us werent they but I like this last trick he performed for me the best: He made himself DISAPPEAR!!!! I am glad you liked my little article I value your opinion and your writing. x0x0 Linda

  7. Lisa: You are always quick to remind us how blessed we are to be fully human even as complex as it can be for us and the emotional pain it can cause; but pain is a part of life and part of our humanity. I will say however that we have the power to choose and dismiss the pain we have in our lives and this is one source of pain I will never be a part of again. I know in some ways I facilitated my own pain by ALLOWING it. This “evil character” will never be .fulfilled internally. It is our humanity that gives us the ability to connect to others on a deeper level; a level that consists of what you speak of, compassion, wisdom, empathy, sympathy, consideration. I think I spoke of this before but I often have wanted to change “The Mask of Sanity” to The Mask of Humanity maybe they are one of the same because without humanity you could almost be labeled as “Insane” – the behaviors such as the need to control, and destroy (for pleasure) are in my estimation behaviors of insanity.

    In the end we are left deeply wounded and hurt and we leave them to what they have always been long before they entered our lives. Guess who is going to quit hurting one day? Now guess who is still going to be that empty vessel until the day they die? He chose me for a brief period of time in his life to give him humanity but he will never learn that is something nobody can GIVE you, and you cant go through life PRETENDING you have it either. All they will do is seek one entity after the next and the humanity we give them will never stay with them. They will always be empty – personally I think they are so damn miserable, lonely and empty inside that they dont know the difference, because they have never EXPERIENCED the difference, so how would they know? That is just my take – x0 Linda

  8. Linda,

    I don’t think the psychopath suffers a damned bit and that’s what makes recovery very difficult. If they “suffered” for the pain they caused and were so miserable, they wouldn’t continue to do it to others. This is called GROWTH, when we can see that our behavior hurts others or that we need to change things in our own behaviors and lives. I have read, over and over, that the psychopath will never sit in front of a therapist and that MOST ENJOY their lifestyles. They have no conscience, therefore are UNABLE to know anything else other than intentional harm to others, this IS their reward. They don’t borrow us for our humanity, they USE us because we HAVE humanity. That’s all, no more. Then they move onto the next. When Dr. Hare refers to them as intraspecies predators, this is EXACTLY what it entails. They don’t give a RIP what they’ve done or are doing. The reality that they enjoy it, is even more maddening. If ya let it be. 🙂

    They are what they are. They will go on to do what they do. They really don’t matter, it’s all of us that matter that share humanity. A psychopath can’t even fathom what that is, not even when choosing a target. They are predator, we are prey. Simple. Kel

  9. Linda, I love the land of Oz metaphor. I wholly agree that these encounters bring about a deeper understanding of who we are and what we cherish in life. Michael

  10. All, I hope you dont mind me indulging in another song –

  11. My favorite part is when Toto draws back the curtain (takes off the mask) and we see the great, magnificent, powerful Wizard of OZ is a complete fake and a fraud.

  12. Susan,

    That’s my favorite part too. The movie, to me, is so symbolic for so many reasons. I’ve loved it since childhood!

    MIchael, I LOVE coldplay. Just have a hard time listening to their stuff just yet. Slowly but surely integrating music back into my life. Lots of Christmas music now!

    I hope you’re doing well. Kel

  13. Michael, I also love Coldplay! My favorite song by them is Viva la Vida, it goes so well with the end of sociopathic dictators/regime; however, I really like this song too. Thanks for sharing it with us. Claudia

  14. Kelli, I know what you mean; I had several months during the aftermath when I could not listen to music at all as it only served to trigger cognitive dissonance symptoms. As time passes and we gain perspective, and we are able to begin to accept on an emotional level our exes disorder, we make gradual steps towards recovery. Michael

  15. Linda, Its funny that you mentioned the woody woodpecker cartoons. There was a builder whom came in last year and did some work for me and laughed just like that. He started off being the “good” builder and then turned out to be a right cowboy and he too “disappeared” and I haven’t been able to find him to fix up his bodge up job since. Just paid out to have another builder fix up the job that he left. I am not sure hes a psychopath but he certainly doesn’t have any scruples and he had a horrible laugh. I love your comment about them magically disappearing. I think thats the best thing these people can do is disappear preferably up their own backsides LOL I kicked mine out (see video on how to get rid of a psycho LOL) out but sad he took a while to magically disappear but I think hes finally got the message now.

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