Psychopathic Seduction and Hypnotic Induction

It’s no surprise that several experts on the psychopathic bond, including Sandra Brown M.A., show that psychopaths rely upon hypnotic techniques to seduce and ultimately control their victims: repetition; a mesmerizing tone of voice; inducing a total focus on them and the relationship with them; focused eye contact; the power of suggestion. In fact, there are even books on the market advising men how to seduce women via hypnotic techniques. All of this didn’t strike a chord with me until this Thanksgiving, however, when my family and I attended a hypnotist show.

According to the Wikipedia, hypnosis is defined as “a trance state characterized by extreme suggestibility, relaxation and heightened imagination.” Contrary to popular belief, unlike sleep, the hypnotic trance is not an unconscious state. Those under hypnosis are usually led into an extremely relaxed and at the same time highly focused state of mind, whereby they become very suggestible and prone to follow instructions.  The use of hypnosis for therapeutic purposes is referred to as “hypnotherapy,” while its use as entertainment, as in the case of the show my family and I watched, is known as “stage hypnosis“. Both processes, as well as psychopathic seduction, work in a similar manner despite their radically different purposes.

The hypnotist leads the subject or audience to a state of increasingly focused attention and a corresponding reduction of inhibition and of peripheral awareness. This intense focus, in turn, increases the subject’s response to the hypnotist’s instructions or suggestions. During the stage hypnosis show I attended, some of the volunteers were quickly eliminated because they were too self-conscious, or at least not sufficiently susceptible to the hypnotist’s suggestions. Others, however, including grown men, began to follow the hypnotist’s various instructions, which entailed (among other things) laughing at jokes that weren’t funny; phonetically imitating Japanese rap (even though they didn’t speak a word of Japanese), and (the most ridiculous) clucking like a chicken while eating from the floor imaginary grains. All this seemed very far-fetched.

There was a rational part of me that was very skeptical about whether or not these individuals were in a hypnotic trance or just putting on a show, since after all they had volunteered and were now on stage. Probably at least some of them were just being good sports. However, thinking back to my own experience with the psychopathic bond, I saw some similarities that rendered the notion of the hypnotic trance quite plausible.

Just as psychopaths are natural social predators–with an instinct for who will be susceptible to their advances, how and why–they are also natural hypnotists. Psychopaths inculcate in their victims a nearly total focus on them and on the relationship with them by isolating them from others, discouraging them from other activities, and monitoring and monopolizing their time. They use mesmerizing techniques, such as staring into their target’s eyes, speaking softly and repetitively, and using the power of suggestion to get them to do what they wish.

Everyone involved with a psychopath or any other personality disordered individual is ultimately abdicating control over their lives. Being predatory and power-driven, psychopaths gradually gain more and more control over their targets. Hypnotic techniques, such as the ones described in greater depth in the article below, can be used for constructive purposes or for destructive purposes. In the case of psychopathic seduction, the objective is clearly destructive: the psychopath aims to control, manipulate and harm the victim, often also leading her (or him) to harm others in turn. Take a look at the article below, from the website, to see for yourselves which techniques were used by the disordered person you were (or are) involved with to gain control of you, your will and your life. Perhaps these very techniques can be used by you to regain control and even improve aspects of your life.

Claudia Moscovici, psychopathyawareness

Dangerous Liaisons: How to Identify and Escape from Psychopathic Seduction

Hypnotic Induction

Hypnotic induction the process in getting into hypnosis session, hypnosis is actually an enhanced day dreaming, subject should be aware in the voice of the hypnotist, not with anything else. A hypnotic experience will vary from session to session. The process is being done by letting the subject to relax, usually taking a deep breath then let them closed their eyes. Increase the state of relaxation by getting them to visualize a relaxing place. This could be a garden, a forest clearing or any place that could bring the subject into peaceful and tranquil place. Make this relaxing place vivid by exploring it with all the senses. Create a way of deepening the hypnotic state, usually by counting one up to ten. This deepening is often accompanied by getting the subject to takes steps down a set of stairs that you may introduce in the visualization.

Hypnotic Induction

That mentioned procedure above are usually enough to induce a state of deep hypnotic state but if your subject has been hypnotized before you may instruct them to go even deeper- direct command to go twice as deep often works well. A few physical relaxations are the most suitable thing you need to be done before starting the process. This will put your client into a very responsive state during the actual hypnotic induction process. You can use this to hypnotize other people or record a session to hypnotize yourself. But sometimes there are subjects that are hard to gone in hypnotic induction process; script is such a nice thing to use in this case. This script is such a good crap to bring your client into deep relaxation or whatever situation he/she want to encounter during process. This process is used in working hypnotherapy.

Hypnotic induction does not require a special power to hypnotize person. In fact, it is such natural states that people go into hypnosis regularly. The most common natural states occur while gazing into a fire or when driving. If you were to listen to some positive suggestions in these naturally occurring trance states they would have an effect on you. There are many things that have been found to induce trance, these include confusion, shock, repetition, focused attention, and relaxation. But mostly studied in the focus of relaxation, as it is the easiest way to apply the hypnotic induction without offending your client, the focused attention is such a great element to stop your clients mind in wandering during induction process. As it said, the induction process is all about getting your client relax and as many people have completely forgotten how to do this, you need to help them out a little. This event is such a best way for those bothered person who wants to relax.

How to use hypnotic induction

When we say hypnotic induction, there are several people who are expert in this field. One of them said that one of the common questions he had encountered was the question asking what the best induction is. Everyone hardly find a program or a script that are fast and powerful in urging a deep and effective trance. Various hypnosis instructors and hypnotherapist have their favorites methods and ways, each methods are best to used, what it matter is on the way they are going to apply it. As it said hypnotic induction is best based on person-by-person or situation-by-situation. Hypnosis involves two people; this event is something like conversation. But sometimes we want to accommodate more than two people in hypnotic induction activity. But the question is how do you become effective in inducing trance to more two people?

hypnotic induction techniquesWell, before going through a wide range of people, develop first your skill with different styles of induction, become skilled in noticing signs of trance because sometimes trance state is there but you haven’t notice it specially if you are new in this said activity, be attentive when you see or feel a sign of trance, and lastly, whenever you do something that works- focus on doing it more. If you do something new style then doesn’t working – move to another style that will work. The most common way hypnotic induction is asking your subject to relax the eyelids up to the point where they won’t open it anymore during session. But to assure that your subject is really in state of trance, try to asked your subject to open it, if their eyes will remain close3d even if they are trying to open it then they are on the way of deep relaxation. Every client has different subjects, sometimes there are subjects that is difficult to handle. Especially to those clients who are carrying a hard time in their lives. You may do a lot of ways to make them relax but still they won’t. But it is seldom too happened.

This hypnotic induction has been used to aid creativity, learning, mental and physical performance, concentration and memory. Using the brainwave technology, it was found that a certain combination of alpha and theta harmonics caused the most suggestible hypnotic state. You will need less session to achieve your goal, even the stubborn habits will be removed and you can program yourself as well. You can also used gadgets for self hypnotic inductions like mp3, CD’s, tape’s and more objects that can be used in urging trance. You can do recording of your voice and play it as background during session, in that simple way, you can create a hypnotic state.


  1. Claudia,

    This is an excellent article. Of all the things that a psychopath does, this subject is probably at the bottom of the list in consideration by victims because it’s harder to intellectually/emotionally conceive, but it is an essential part of their drive to do evil. My ex was excellent at drawing me in with seduction through his VOICE. He had an incredibly sexy baritone voice and I STILL hear it to this day in my mind. Understanding cognitively that it was part and parcel of the manipulative weapons he used, now makes that voice repulsive to me, but I understand how his use of it, through tone and volume, created an INSTANT hypnotic draw for me. He also used body language and eyes WITH the voice. I was soooo turned on by it that it didn’t take much to get me into bed, which was the motive and all part of the game and manipulation. It is INCREDIBLY dangerous, and it’s amazing how they do it without a manual, to them its natural. Scary, isn’t it? Kel

  2. Kel, yes, it is scary to allow anyone to control you to this degree. Victims risk losing their free will and any autonomy. It’s true the hypnotic element is rather subtle since it operates on a more subliminal level and, unlike stage hypnosis, it’s not very dramatic. In the psychopathic bond, the flattery at first, then the criticism, manipulation and control are far more obvious than the hypnotic tactics, of course. Claudia

  3. Claudia,

    I think even simple terms when discussing psychopathology are difficult for anyone coming out of the relationshit. I had heard and used the word “manipulation” many, MANY times prior to my relationshit, but the MEANING of these words takes on an entirely different element when referencing this type of bond.

    Interesting to note that just last night on FB, I got into a discussion with one of my friends who had NO IDEA what this was about and was referring to it as “multiple personality or whatever disorder” LOL! This discussion, in context, was about the Penn State/Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal. My friend said she was floored when the attorney was using Multiple Personality as a defense on behalf of his client, Jerry Sandusky and that she didn’t know anything about this disorder stuff but that the guy was simply a dumbass and whatever disorder he had didn’t matter. I’m educating her. Anyway, point here being that what the psychopath does, even in the simplest of terms and form, is difficult to comprehend to the victims at even the basic level of understanding. I think the idea of hypnotic trances that the psychopath employs liberally on his/her victims complicates it, even though it’s really interesting as a matter of having already incorporated a lot of education regarding psychopathy.

    Claudia, a little off topic here, someone PM’d me on FB last night asking if he could talk to me because he believed he was involved with a borderline. He described some of what she did to him. People on FB know what I do and that I’m involved here, but it’s amazing that when I’m asked about it, how little people know, how in the dark they are, and how many that have not experienced the psychopath, cannot grasp this concept even on a basic level. It’s clear that this subject is not one that is openly discussed in a way where people readily believe it exists or that I’m not on crack when I talk about it. lol! Only a few know, and when they do, we have to discuss via PM because these people fear how they will be perceived if they openly discuss it. HOW SAD IS THAT? Yet, when referring to abuse, people DO understand controlling, manipulation, lying, cheating….it’s also amazing to me how many countless victims/survivors thought that abuse meant physical and not emotional/sexual/psychological/spiritual. Sooooooooooooo much education needs to happen. I wont stop talking about it though in that whenever a subject comes up that leads to it, I’ll introduce the concept and share my experience and lead others here too and other blogs that share information about psychopathy. Just sayin…. Kel

  4. Great post Claudia. I dont know if your both aware that my youngest brother is a stage hypnotist and magician and was one of the youngest members of the magic circle. He can put me in a trance in minutes. I was having a chat with him as he has hundreds of books on the subject and he was saying that many of the “techniques” that he does are natural skills that predatory men use on women daily. He said our own father used these all the time unknowingly when he would chat women up. Its interesting because hes somewhat of an expert on all this stuff and knows how easy it is to use in a manipulative way. He believes it comes to the psychopath naturally and yet people like Mistry who train people up in PUA using NLP and so on (pick up artists). Have a look on google are now teaching people these skills. Many of us who have been out with these people have often commented on how they have this monotonous non tone voice. I know my ex did and I remember writing in Dark Souls that I was mid conversation with him one day when I realized I was completely in Trance. One of the super traits that Sandra Brown talks about in her book the women have is the ability to be hynotised easily and I know my own brother has proved that time again. He said that most people fall within a scale of say 1-10 10 being the most easily influenced. I’ve seen him at his shows and he can cold read people a mile off and know which person to pick out at the beginning of the show who will be the most easily influenced. The same way psychopaths pick us out knowing our backgrounds and even down to our silly upsy daisy walks if we have come from a background of abuse (see the film by Robert Hare where the psychopath picks out a target just from their walk and it turns out shes the one who has a history of abuse). Personally I agree with my brother that even without all these tools its an uncanny ability to read people that gives them the edge which is why they are so good at pretending to be empaths and so on. Who incidentally are very good at this too but are more likely to get hoodwinked by the psychopath. When I finished with my ex I went and learn NLP and hypnotist to find out all about it and I realized that many of the techniques he had had been using on me without me realizing it. Its also one of the reasons I wont use it when coaching clients and I feel its so exploitative.

    btw some of the techniques are extremely subtle that stage hypnotists use so I’ll see if I can get my brother do to a post on it when I see him next. Its a real eye opener

  5. Sarah, I’ve got to admit that the stage hypnosis, for a person who is not in a trance, seems really theatrical and contrived, if you’re just watching from the audience. It seems more of a comedy act than a real hypnotic trance, especially when people on stage do very silly things like cluck like chicken and do the chicken dance:). However, all comedy aside, yes, I’ve seen on the internet all these books or articles that advise men how to pick up women using these hypnotic techniques. Those who have to learn them, however, probably won’t do them like psychopaths. As you state, psychopaths, as natural predators, do them by instinct and intuition. They prefect their techniques as well, but not from reading how-to books, but from first-hand practice with hundreds, in some cases, thousands, of women. Very dangerous! Claudia

  6. Sarah,

    Do you think it’s possible that the higher the empathy someone has the more EASILY they would fall under trance (hypnosis)? I’m curious as to your take on that. Kel

  7. Kel, it may be possible. But overall, I think the more you want to believe the fantasy and have stakes in believing the lies (you’ve built your life upon those dreams being a reality), the more susceptible you’ll be to the psychopath’s hypnosis, manipulation and lies. Claudia

  8. Claudia

    I was asking the question, not so much for how the psychopath operates hypnotically, but more in general having to do also, with the level of empathy a person has. Kel

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